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Articles - January 2015


  • 12 January 2015
    10 Important Aspects of a Great Office Space

    Without any doubt, an office space is one of the most important things a businessman has to seriously consider. In fact, the success of any business depends much on the location, environment alongside many other related aspects associated with a space for office. Therefore, before going to rent an office space, a business owner has to think about whether the office space would be perfect for him or her. There are some things that require consideration as well. To be brief, nothing done in haste brings about good results. One has to take time to decide whether a specific space for office would be ideal for the business. An office space is expected to have the following aspects to be considered great:

    The location: The first and, arguably, most important consideration about a space for office would be whether the office space is ideally located in a place that will suit the business strategy. Thousands of business organizations all over the world are quite choosy as far as selecting office spaces are concerned. Because they know how vital an office is for their respective business organizations. That is why they employ agents to find for them work spaces located in places that would be ideal for their company. An ideal place or location may be a place from where a business organization can easily communicate with their clients or many other organizations that they liaise with. Besides, an ideal place or location may refer to a location from where the staff can easily get to without being too far from their homes. However, this is to a very large extent determined by the type of business. There are those businesses that are more suited for having offices in town centers while there are those that are more suited to have offices that are a bit far from town centers. The type of business dictates this factor. However, it is important to make sure that at all times, the most suitable location is got for the specific business.

    The amount of space needed: Space is also a very important aspect to be taken into consideration by anyone who wants to get the very best in office space for rent. It is always important to go for the exact space that is needed. This ensures that the office is not cluttered and that it looks spacious. It is completely wrong to go for either too small space or very big space.

    The lease type: This is another important aspect that anyone looking for office space should consider. There are different lease types and at all times, it is important to go for the lease type that is more suitable for the type of business. The lease type should offer flexibility to the business such that if there is need to move, it is done swiftly.

    Amenities inside the office: A good office should come accompanied by the necessary amenities at all times. For instance, it should have a kitchen and a clean bathroom and toilet. These are both very important amenities in the office and therefore, they should be inclusive in the office.

    Versatility of the place: Another detail that lessors or renters need to be privy to is the extent of alterations and changes that they can do to the place. Some buildings have tight conditions and regulations regarding changes and damaging the area. There are a lot of alternatives to doing actual damage to walls, floors, and ceilings, such as partitions, cubicles, and other removable things. On the other hand, there are also some structures that allow changes to be done providing that there are parameters to these alterations.

    Accessibility: Another detail that needs to be clear is the accessibility of the site for the clientele or customers of the business. Being on the fourth floor is no problem unless the elevators are limited or always acting up and needs constant maintenance. The building where the office space is located should be in good condition and the same goes for the facilities, amenities, and utilities that come with it. Elevators, lobby doors, and other such things should be in good working condition and be presentable to the standard of the clients that will be coming and going.

    Limitations: The contract that usually comes with rentals should be perused thoroughly and carefully. There may be limitations that the building owners might set that are not doable with regards to the nature of the business. The level of noise that the company might produce can also be under scrutiny if it is too much. Some businesses that are looking for office space might deal with expensive items and will need to rent in a safe neighborhood or adequately secured building.
    Quiet Space Is Crucial for Success: Time magazine recently shared research confirming that open-plan offices are associated with greater employee stress and reduced satisfaction. In fact, if you can hear someone talking while you’re reading or writing, your productivity can dip by 66 percent. So whether it's break rooms, individual offices or enforced rules, your employees need somewhere quiet to work.

    Windows Increase Productivity: A working environment with lots of natural light is a happy and productive working environment.

    Break Rooms Help the Team: Employees need to take a break from work and let their creative juices flow while eating, playing foosball or just lying on the couch. The room builds camaraderie among team members, which results in better communication and collaboration on projects.

    All said and done, everyone looking for an office will definitely have the very best if the above factors are well taken into consideration. At the end of the day, the office that will be got will be worth the rent paid. On the other hand, the office will deliver what is needed such that at the end of the day, the business heads in the right direction.